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                F.Youssouf Minthe from Germany

                To RITAR POWR


                We buying solar batteries for African markets since years, likes to share the following observations with you:



                -Very reactive knowledgeable staff, quick response, smooth communication

                -in case of warranty RITAR also fulfilled its obligations- highly appreciated

                -quality of branding, logo very good

                -smooth logistics/export handling and quick delivery of shipping documents

                -Letter from manufacturer for tenders are quickly done



                      Payment conditions!

                With Germany company Hoppecke for instance we have 30 days after delivery. As transit time to Africa is very long, up to 2 months for land-locked countries, payment before shipping stresses our liquidity. Note that we have suppliers from Turkey giving even 120 days.



                      Revise payment terms for long-term customers allowing for longer payment delays.


                Sincerely yours

                F.Youssouf Minthe

                General Manager

                From Germany