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                G. Aggelos from Greece


                Dear Su,

                We are writing this letter to express our appreciation and satisfaction towards the last lasting business partnership we have and which can be definitely characterized as honest, effective and productive.

                Ritar Power is an export company with no bureaucratic manners, good structure and efficient procedures.

                Combining the above with our satisfaction towards product quality, it create a very positive outcome which holds us loyal as customers more than 10 years.

                Pricing is an issue that Ritar Power should always strive for higher competitiveness, and especially at low Ah series.

                We trust you for further improvement.

                In terms of flexibility, we are blessed for having such a partner, who can hear our customized needs and can always provide the best possible solution.

                We thank you for our cooperation so far and we are sure that it will become stronger and stronger in the future.

                With my best regards,

                G. Aggelos

                Finance Director & Vice President

                From Greece