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                DOUG from USA

                It has been a great experience working with Ritar for 7 years—I wish it was 70!


                Ritar has produced outstanding product—great quality, great delivery and outstanding customer service—and will continue to do so.  The support provided to N from Ritar has been world class—Ritar will always work to find a solution to customer demand changes, custom product/product requests, or virtually anything I or our customer have asked for.  Ritar produces world class quality product and stands behind their product better than any other battery company I have worked for or with.  Ritar’s manufacturing facility is second to none—producing high quality, high performing product at a competitive price.  Ritar’s manufacturing flexibility has been a great advantage for us, often times providing multiple containers in short fashion for customers with requesting zero lead times. We has used Ritar exclusively for the last 7 years and will continue to do so. It has been a pleasure working with Ritar, the support provided by Jane’s group has truly been outstanding.



                From USA